Sunday, June 13, 2010

Cute Quilts

My mother in-law, Christine, is widely known for her creativity and talent when it comes to quilt making. In fact, she teaches many classes and has helped her students develop a true eye and passion for this time-honored craft.

The last time Dave's family came to the farm for a visit, Christine presented us with these two beautiful quilts.

Sorry for the bad photos, I wasn't really sure how to capture these beauties!

They are smaller than bed quilts (the quilt below is about 3'x3', the one above is slightly smaller).

I think it would be really nice to build a shadowbox with a hinged, glass front that I can rotate and display these in. I would probably hang it in the entry, or above the fireplace once the kitchen remodel is completed.

This is the label on the back of the quilt to identify when and where this quilt was made.

We have two other queen-sized qulits that Christine has made. I'll have pictures of them when I reveal the new guest room. Thanks for your generosity Christine!

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