Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Silly Goose Farm Thanksgiving

Happy belated Thanksgiving, everyone! Are you all turkeyed-out yet? I certainly am, but I still think I might be able to pack away a little turkey soup, turkey pot pie, and turkey a la king, if necessary. We had a very lovely day here at Silly Goose Farm, and I thought I'd share a few snippets with you.

I try to wake up around 5:30a every morning, just because I like the quiet and peace that this part of the day allows me. And nowadays, it's still rather dark outside at that point. Lucky for me, I was treated to the most spectacular sunrise Thanksgiving morning, something I am most grateful for.

I love the contrast of the black trees against the orange and purple sky.

My parents, grandmother (GG), and the family dog (Baron) made the two-hour trek East to the farm, and we were so happy they did. It was great to have my little family together, even if for a small window of time.

Miss Edith enjoying her food... or at least playing with it. 

My mother and GG - see that lovely milk glass compote dish? This lovely gal gave it to me.

My father and GG

Edie caught mid-smile, or mid-"crazy face," can't tell which

Our menu was simple - just the basics. Let me start off my saying that letting my father watch Food Network is almost never a great idea. He gets a little ambitious (that is to say, he thinks my mother or I should make some ready-for-TV meal, and is very pointed in what he wants). We love him very much anyway. I think as long as I keep him fed, he turns up useful in other ways (fixing stuff, mainly). Anyway... back to the menu. We enjoyed a lovely turkey and roasted chestnut sausage dressing, as prepped by my mother per Dad's request, roasted Blue Hubbard squash, made by GG, gravy (also made my GG, also found via Food Network - it must run in the family), mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, rolls (mom's recipe), cranberry bread, some wicked good wine, and pie. Lots of pie.

Pumpkin Pie (I burnt the crust a little, whoops!)

Chocolate Cream (Mom made this - just as Dad likes it)

Apple Pie

Another shot of the apple pie.

All the apples for the pies came right here from our little orchard. I think that's very cool, and I'm very proud of that. One of these little beauties wasn't consumed, and made it's way to a friend, which I heard he enjoyed with a glass (or two) of McCarthy's Whiskey. My kind of man. Typically, I enjoy mine with a lovely steaming cup of french press coffee and a slice of cheddar cheese, but whiskey sounds wonderful. I think the cheese thing is a Pennsylvania Dutch/Central New York/Finger Lakes tradition, which is where I grew up. No one in the Albany area seems to have heard of this.

I kept the decor pretty simple (plans were sort of last-minute, so I just made due with what was around). Some flowers in a pressed-glass vase and pumkins and gourds from the garden seemed to do the trick.

We had to burn off all the holiday calories somehow. This was Edie's preferred method.

All in all, it was a great day. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, as well! Looking forward to sharing some holiday-inspired ideas, gift guides, and one special little girl's second birthday with you all soon.


An Urban Cottage said...

We always had cheddar cheese with our apple pie too and I never really thought about where that combination came from although the Pennsylvania Dutch thing sounds familiar. I'll see if I can find out.

Christine said...

Oh I think the cheddar cheese with apple pie is fairly universal! Chris hadn't heard about it but almost everyone else I know loves the combo. This year I made an apple pie with cheddar cheese baked into the crust! Your Thanksgiving looks delicious.

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Steve - If you find out, please let me know! I'm pretty geeky about that sort of stuff.

Christine - I've made one with a cheddar crust before. So good! Apples are done for this year, but call me when you need some again next fall, I'll happily deliver :-)

Daryl at Vermont Cottage said...

Your day looks lovely! Thanks for posting the Cranberry Sauce recipe the other day. I made it for our dinner and it was wonderful. It's a "keeper".
(I also think you're right about the cheese...we're originally from PA and it's so common there.)

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Daryl, so glad you tried it! I think the cardamom really adds the "something special." Thanks for the cheese note, as well - let's make it a global phenomenon, okay?

miriam said...

Looks and sounds delicious! I, too, am a fan of cheddar cheese w/ a warm slice of apple pie. Though, I insist on Wisconsin Sharp Cheddar, of course! Thanks, Christine, for the idea of baking it into the crust. I'll give it a try next time. That will be my subtle way of converting the world to this taste ;)