Monday, March 21, 2011

How to Live Sustainably: Go Vintage

One of the basic tenets of living sustainably is to follow the three Rs: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. Sure, I buy new things when I need to, but the thrill of finding a great vintage or thrifted item is too good to pass up. Edith and I didn't make it out to the antiques festival this weekend (we all slept in a bit on Saturday morning, then decided to include "the boys" on a family breakfast down at the Duanesburg Diner), but I did make a quick stop at the local Goodwill. In search of some new entertaining pieces, I easily could have hopped online and ordered from Pottery Barn; instead, I used the opportunity to live sustainably and go vintage.

I really love the look of pressed- and hobnail glass, and had been eying these tumblers from Pottery Barn for a while:

Victorian Tumbler, Set of 6, Clear

I lucked out and found a similarly-styled version at Goodwill:

Sure, they aren't exactly the same, but they feel heavier and of better quality than the PB option. I could only find four, but that amount will certainly suffice for a few mojitos or Pimm's Cups shared with friends on the sunporch this summer. And the best part? This set was only $8.

I also stumbled upon this set of pressed-glass serving bowls. Perfect for candy, nuts or relishes ($4):

My favorite find of the day might be these little candle holders. I can't wait to use them ($4):

In one trip to Goodwill I was able to practice the three Rs, and found three sets of new goodies for less than half of what I would have paid for the PB purchase.* Before you toss out old household items, think about donating or saving for a tag sale. If you are looking for a few new pieces to add to a collection, consider hitting up your local thrift shop. It's a fun way to encourage sustainable living!

*In my opinion, if you can't find a second-hand item that fits your needs or makes you happy, buy new. Don't feel guilty about it! If you are against thrifted items all together, consider purchasing new goods from companies that include social and environmental responsibility in their practices.


Prippy Handbook said...

Love this post! Those glasses are a great find. I've been amazed by some of my recent Goodwill finds. I get my same shopping fix without the expense... and I'm using the R's!

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

I actually found a great old LL Bean Fairisle sweater for me and some adorable Gap/LL Bean clothes for the kids. I should take pics and post. Would love to see some of your finds soon - and hopefully we can get together and put those tumblers to good use with Pimm's Cups (speaking of which - went out last night and the bar keep didn't know how to make a Pimm's so I climbed behind the bar and taught him how - it was HILARIOUS! Wish you were there).

Lynn said...

You found some really awesome things! I love stuff like that as well but can't afford to buy everything I like new and love the hunt of Goodwill/garage sales/ect. Great job!!

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

Hi Lynn! I know what you mean - some of the cute "new" stuff is so expensive! I love finding gently-used items and get so proud about my thriftiness. I never feel bad saying "I only paid a buck for that!" I'm having a dinner party soon and can't wait to show pictures of the china set I got for $30!