Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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For last year's words belong to last year's language and next year's words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a beginning. - T.S. Eliot

I'm happy 2011 is history. It wasn't a great year for me. Sure, many nice things happened, but overall, it seemed to be filled with disappointment and hardship, regardless of how I tried to redirect my path. 2012 is a clean slate with endless possibilities, and I'm looking forward to making the most of the next eleven-and-a-half months.

My most lovely friend Deborah knew I was having a hard time recently, and like a good friend would, she lifted my spirits with a thoughtful card that included the above quote. Bingo, I thought. This is exactly how I need to approach 2012. This year is going to be momentous in my life for many reasons: The restructuring of my personal life; the launch of a new business; the exciting adventures that lie ahead for Silly Goose Farm... the list is really endless.

I don't think I've found my 2012 voice yet. I'm working on it. I'm developing a new language all my own that will guide my actions, thoughts, and feelings through this year. I'll pull from the positive experiences of previous years, but work to re-imagine my life in only the most positive ways. I think it will brace me for any future failure or hardship I might face.

I could list out all my resolutions (and believe me, I have many), but instead I'm going to post about how I've put my resolutions into action. I'll talk about the little things (start making 2012 Christmas presents now!) as well as the big things (like my quest to drop a few lbs, among other things). Hopefully some of what I'm aiming to accomplish in 2012 resonates with your own personal goals. Perhaps we'll be each other's support system.

And who knows... maybe we'll even understand each other's unique new voices.

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Audrey said...

Sorry to hear that 2011 wasn't a stellar year. I've had those. One of my favorite quotes is "Some years ask the questions. Other years provide the answers." It always makes me feel better. May 2012 be an "answer year" for you!

Deanna (Silly Goose Farm) said...

@Audrey - Sheeesh! You are a super-genius! I love that quote and will DEFINITELY be embracing it for the rest of 2012. I hope your 2012 is full of answers AND leads you to be more inquisitive of the world around you.