Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cinema Under the Stars

To continue with the al fresco movie theme, I attended an Albany bloggers event last week entitled "Cinema Under the Stars." The event was sponsored by our local paper, the Times Union.

The event was held at Dale Miller, an amazing downtown Albany eatery with a lovely outdoor terrace. A blow-up movie screen was provided to show "Breakfast at Tiffany's." Of course, several non-bloggers bought tickets to the event, but many local bloggers made an appearance. Here are some of their posts.

I met a few really nice people and caught-up with old acquaintances. Michael Huber, the editor of the blogroll at the Times Union, did an amazing job organizing and orchestrating the event. Mike, kudos! Proceeds from event admission and partial bar tabs where donated to the Times Union Hope Fund. A very generous attendee even wrote a sizable check for the Hope Fund! I just love do-gooders. Whoever you are out there, thank you for your kindness.

I know pretty much every girl love Audrey Hepburn/Holly Golightly, but sometimes she annoys me. I love the premise of the movie and the whole aspect of "a girl trying to find her way," but some of it is just so unbelievable. Maybe that's just me? And Mickey Rooney as a SUPER stereotypical Asian? Oh, the 1960s - full of nostalgia, wholesome living, and blatant political incorrectness. Although, I was having a case of the "mean reds" last week, so watching "Breakfast at Tiffany's" did cheer me up a little. And one Halloween, I did don a Holly Golightly costume (everyone asked me if I was supposed to be a flapper - say wha?). And of course, George Peppard is just beyond dreamy, right? Okay, maybe the movie isn't that bad, so I'll stop talking smack about it now.

Anyone else out there attend?


Michelle@Fromhousetohome said...

What a great idea, sounds like a fun night!

Amy@OldSweetSong said...

SWOON! They don't make 'em like that anymore, do they?

Melissa Blake said...

Sigh, love those photos!

escapade said...

I always found the original story quite intriguing apparently Truman Capote had based it on Marilyn Monroe and had initially wanted her in the role (Audrey was a lovely substitute :) ) I think today Mickey Rooney's character would have been considered offensive.

Here's to no more mean reds!

Michelle said...

I am with you, always kind of huh? about that movie. I prefer stills, hahah.