Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Good morning friends. Do you smell that? No, it's not just crisp fall air, it's the aroma of patriotism (corny, I know)! In all seriousness, today is one of the most important days of the year if you are an American, and I encourage you all to get out there and vote!!

Regardless of what you stand for and who you support, you must vote today. Make your voice heard! Not to vote, in my opinion, is the highest act of treason. Many men and women fought and died to protect your rights as a citizen, and now it's your turn to thank them by exercising those rights. Some people say that not voting is making a statement about their views. You know what it states? That you're an idiot and have no place to complain. Don't see anyone on the ballot you approve of? Write someone in.

Here in my district of Upstate New York, I'll be voting for both a State Assemblyperson and Senator, both US Senators, a Congressperson, Attorney General, Comptroller, and Governor. Most local newspapers provide a "voters' guide" to help you navigate the issues and learn what each candidate stands for. Take a quick look if you aren't sure who's running for office in your area. If you don't know where to vote, find your nearest polling place here. And be sure to wear your "I Voted!" stickers proudly! You deserve it!


Prippy Handbook said...

Love. This. Post!

Cannot wait to get some time back to myself so I can catch up on life at Silly Goose!

the chirpy bird said...

sigh... If only I could vote, I would! I'm encouraging everyone who can, to get out there!
xox tash