Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sustainable Snippets

I fell in love with "Highland Coos" on my honeymoon, and now I'm trying to
convince Dave we need some. Image found here.

I'm torn about this weekend. On one hand, I'm very eager to just kick back a bit and relax; on the other, I have a ton of client and charity work to manage and finish up, and I could certainly use an extra day to take care of it all! Tonight, Dave is taking me on a "surprise date" (we haven't been on a date in AGES). I have the feeling that my constant hint-dropping has worked and he is going to take me to this little Helderberg Mountains restaurant. We might go to a book festival on Saturday, but otherwise I'm only planning on yard and garden work, organizing the basement a bit, and working on some crochet projects. What do you have planned for this weekend? Is the weather supposed to be nice where you are? If you're looking for some reading, here are this week's Sustainable Snippets. Enjoy!

Thinking about "cute cattle" makes me want to employ Meatless Mondays everyday!

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If you consider yourself a foodie, you should know about this

These seem perfect for toddler hands

More reasons to avoid food colorings

When sustainable living goes awry

Homemade almond milk

Green living is great, until you hit Nimbyism

DIY wind turbines

Food swap!

Five ways to farm if you're not a farmer

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Lynn said...

Have a great time on date night!! How fun. Can't wait to hear about it. :)

We had volunteer appreciation lunch this afternoon at school and bingo night tonight (the joys of being PTO president), set up for a garage sale after bingo and the fire department garage sale in the morning before a baby shower and Easter egg hunt while my husband's friends are in town. Sunday will consist of everything I've neglected the past two days like laundry, dishes, cleaning and packing for our Disney trip this week. I'd love to just spend the day in bed but that's so not happening.

Have an awesome, enjoyable weekend!