Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bud and Blooms

Hi friends! Did you think I died? Nope, just been out living life and staying busy. I guess that's good for blogging, right? If we didn't live our lives, what would we blog about? Okay, maybe that's not entirely true. Perhaps it is just something I tell myself in order to erase the guilt of being off the blog for so long. Add this to the "Lies We Tell Ourselves to Make Ourselves Feel Better" file.

Well, things have been pretty good around here. Had a couple birthday to celebrate, took a mini-vacation with Dave, everyone was sick in there somewhere, the usual. In the past week, everything in the outside world seems to have exploded in color here on Silly Goose Farm, and I thought I'd share some photos with you.

The orchard:
Apple trees

Wowie, the grass is getting high! Guess it's time to let the cows out. 

 I love how old and tangled some trees are

A rose bush grows under one apple tree. I should probably move it

Blurry close-up of apple blossom buds

Pure white pear blossoms

I imagine these pear trees are close to (if not more than) 100 years old

Eastern Red Bud blossoms

In a few days, this whole tree will be the prettiest shade of mauve

Soon, we will be chopping down the arborvitae that surround the
Eastern Red Bud - they are too big to transplant and engulf the Red Bud

Pretty little violets leading into the sunporch

Rhubarb! We have several patches

Purple lilacs near the kitchen window. White lilacs line the driveway.
The smell is heavenly!

The barn will be getting a facelift this summer (and all that wood
will be stacked inside for next winter)  

Barn cats and farm babies

We've got lots of other blooms starting to sprout on the farm, I'll share more pictures soon! I hope your spring is a lovely one!


Lynn said...

So glad you're alive and all well again! I was thinking about you last night. :)

Spring's sprung and it's so beautiful! Thanks for sharing the pictures.

PS - Since you've been gone, I started my own blog (ok my first post was yesterday). If you ever have nothing better to do, come check it out at

FriendlyBrown said...

Awwww... I need to come... ASAP!