Saturday, May 14, 2011

(More) Buds and Blooms

A few more pictures from around the farm. Enjoy!

Buds of the crab apple tree

If all goes according to plans, the house will be getting a
paint job this summer (think cream, green and purple!)

A lot of the shrubs and plants around the house need some serious trimming

Pear tree blossoms in the background. This outbuilding collapsed from heavy winter snows.
We'll be building a pergola in it's place (and hopefully a big fire pit!)

Pretty pale pink apple blossoms (this tree produces MacIntosh)

Black cap canes (can't wait to make jam!)

This HUMONGOUS daylily clump is so weird - it sits in the middle of
the lower lawn, and I have no idea what to do with it 

White lilacs that line the driveway

Sweet Lily of the Valley near the driveway and bay window of the dining room

Our neighbor Lorraine's house. She lives on the other side of the orchard/cow pasture.
She keeps a garden on our property and leaves scraps on her kitchen porch for our cats

John and Doris live right across the street. Their house and our house were built
by the same family (the Gaige brothers), but their house is much older

Doris' vegetable garden

I love the picket fence and tulips! In the late summer, holly hocks bloom around the fence

John and Doris' barn was recently built by a team of Amish craftsmen, and it looks amazing!
Their old barn collapsed in 2010 after a very heavy snowfall (we received 70 inches of snows in 3 days!)

I can't wait to update the barn - new windows, partial new roof, new doors and new paint.
With luck (that is, with whatever free-time my dad had), we will place a cupola on the peak

The colors of the farm are so beautiful and picturesque that
sometimes I can't believe this is actually my life! 

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Lynn said...

So beautiful!! I love the Amish barn and tulips along the fence - how wonderful!! Living in the country is such a special gift.