Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nigel Cabourn

When it comes to fashion, I don't necessarily follow trends. I know what I like and I tend to stick to it. I would rather invest in a timeless piece I know I will have for a long, long time than buy trendy pieces that change with the seasons. It's a more sustainable way to live, I believe. A lot of the time, I get lucky and find great quality, vintage pieces from Etsy or at local thrift stores. A couple of times a year, though, I'll splurge and indulge in a well-made item I know I'll have for years to come.

Right now, I'm jonesing for a few items from Nigel Cabourn. He is definitely a kindred spirit, as we have similar approaches to fashion and clothing. My wardrobe needs to serve double-duty, allowing me to go from field to boardroom relatively fluidly, while still alluding to creativity. While Nigel Cabourn is a line of mens' apparel, here a few pieces from the collection I'm currently coveting:

Naval Satchel - perfect for hauling laptop and client files
around while looking okay with a little dirt on it

Jungle Rat Sweater - I'd pair it with skinny jeans, killer heels (preferably
peep-toes with red toenails), a chunky necklace and slicked-back ponytail.

The bonus here is that the line is pretty tough to find in the States, so you can nearly guarantee that no one will be sporting the same pieces as you! Selectism has a bunch of great posts on Nigel Cabourn, check them out!

Think about what you wear when you try to pursue a sustainable life. Sure, I buy pieces from Target, the Gap, Old Navy, etc., but I try to balance them with well-made, eco-friendly and socially responsible items. Your wardrobe is an great way to lead a stylish, sustainable lifestyle!

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Lynn said...

I really like that bag too!! The color is great.