Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cocktail Tumblers

I couldn't leave you with all those cocktail recipes without something pretty to drink them from! Behold... cocktail tumblers (more encompassing than "cocktail glasses!").

Other options: Take a trip to a local thrift store or second-hand shop and see what you can find! Buying previously-loved items keeps them out of landfills, reduces our carbon footprint, and helps foster a sustainable lifestyle. Or save your wine bottles, cut with a glass cuter to desired height, and sand the rough edges for homemade glass tumblers.

And, of course, a few more cocktail and drink recipes to fill those tumblers!

Herbal Digestive // Sweet Savannah Sipper // Positano Peach // Watermelon Julep // Rosie Collins // Spicy Margarita // Hot Toddy // Tea Toddy // Hot Gin Toddy // Hot Run Toddy // Ginger Toddy // Grape Expectations // Teapot Dick // Late Night Oil // The Chapman // Mulled Cider // Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey Refresher // Strawberry Pucker // Red, White, and Blue Rickey // Melon Daquiri

The above tumblers fit at least one of the Sustainable Living credos: Either it is made from organic, all-natural, and/or sustainable materials; is an American company; is made in America; is made my individual artisans or craftspeople; or donates regularly through a charitable giving program.


Hannah said...

The green ones are so pretty. :)

RebeccaHunt said...

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